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Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivaite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practiced an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation. Yogic powers called Siddhis are acquired by constant practice of certain yogic disciplines. Those who acquire these Siddhis are called Siddhas. There is only one Siddhar living in the entire western countries. He is Swamiji Sri. Selvam Siddhar. Siddhars are people who can control and transcend the barriers of time and space by meditation (Yoga), and by the using the powers of Yaksha/ Yakshini devathas. They mainly focus on Lord Shiva. According to Vedas Lord Shiva is considered as the first yogi of the universe and he is considered as the first Siddhar of the universe. The Siddhars are well versed with the use of substances called Rasayanas. The direct meaning of the word “Rasayana” is “chemical”. But the Siddhars split the word as Rasam+Ayanam. Rasam means juice or essence and ayanam means route. They have taught the usage of the essence of the Vedic Science and the routes to use those routes in the proper way to solve the problems in a spiritual way. Through their practices they have reached stages of insight which enabled them to tune into the powers hidden in various material substances and practices, useful for suffering and ignorant mankind. Typically Siddhars were saints, doctors, alchemists and mysticists all at once. The ancient Siddhars wrote their findings, in the form of poems in Tamil language, on palm leaf which are collected and stored in what are known today as Palm leaf manuscript. Many of them are still owned by the Ashrams (Missionaries) established by them in Tamil Nadu and handed down through the generations.

In this way SiddhA Varmam - a martial art for self-defense and medical treatment at the same time. Varmams are specific points located in the human body which when pressed in different ways can give various results, such as disabling an attacker in self-defense, or balancing a physical condition as an easy first-aid medical treatment. Siddhars have also written many religious poems. One of the best-known Siddhars was Agasthiyar or Agasthya, who is believed to be the founding father of Siddhar culture. He is the founder of Sri.Agasthiyar Siddhar Peetam Ashram in Tamilnadu.Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar also known as Dr Commander Selvam is the 26th Peetatipathi or Matathipathi of this esteemed Peetam. He follows his guru Sri.Chinnappa Siddhar. In this website we can learn a lot about Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar- Dr Commander Selvam.To know more and more about Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar- Dr Commander Selvam please visit www.hindutempleofgeorgia or www.yogacraft.com. One can reach Swamiji @ USA toll free 1-888-808-1418 or Hindu Temple of Ohio or email to avtemple@aol.com or call the cell @ 408 829 7780

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